Climate Change Resource Library

Articles pre-September 2008 (arranged by category). All documents provided as PDF files.

Table of Contents

Alt. Fuel, Vehicle Emissions

(U.S. Corn Production) to (Saving Gas and Lives)

(Ethanol Fuel) to (EPA’s Emissions Decision)

Alternative Energy

(The Power and the Glory) to (Renewable Energy, Valuing Clean Power)

(Energy Strategy for City of Santa Clarita, Final Report)

(Update on Local Government) to (Climate Change Series)

(Guidebook New Solar Homes Partnership, Second Edition)


(Special Report) to (Greenhouse Gas Cuts)

(The Economics of Climate Change — A Primer)

(Top Corporations) to (Cost of Green)

General Climate Change

(Mysterious California) to (Global Warming)

(The Physical Science) to (Deforestation)

(Climate Change 2007) to (Palaeoclimate)

(Frequently Asked Questions) to (Intergovernmental Panel)

(Global Warming Skepticism) to (Past Climate Cycles Ice Age)

(Intro to Atmosphere) to (USGS Science Executive Summary)

(Executive Summary US EPA) to (Earth’s Tropical Belts)

(Conservation for the People)

(Carbon Reduction Webinar Series Climate Change 101 a)

(Carbon Reduction Webinar Series Climate Change 101 b)

(2007 Another Near- Record) to (Tracking Carbon Trail)

Government & Policy- Domestic

(Hurricane Expert) to (Climate Change Series)

Government & Policy- Int

(G-8 Sets Goal to Halve Emissions) to (British Court Rules)

Green Development & Land Use 1

(Truth About Sustainability) to (Regional Spotlight Cali)

(Greenhouse Gurus) to (Analyzing Impacts)

(Alternative Approaches to Analyzing GHG under CEQA)

(A Great Way to Respond) to (Why Build Near Transit)

(Building Livable Communities) to (China Part II)

(USGBC Power Point)

Green Development & Land Use 2

(Pilot Version LEED-ND Rating System (Part 1)

(Pilot Version LEED-ND Rating System (Part 2)

(Pilot Version LEED-ND Rating System (Part 3)

(LEED for Neighborhood Development) to (Creative Curitiba)

(The Next American Metropolis (Part 1)

(The Next American Metropolis (Part 2)

(Creating Great Neighborhoods Density in Your Community A)

(Creating Great Neighborhoods Density in Your Community B)

(Overcoming Obstacles to Smart Growth Through Code Reform)

(Green Building Guide) to (Helping Green Homeowners)

(Growing Cooler A)

(Growing Cooler B)

(Growing Cooler C)

(Great Neighborhoods) to (Transit as a Tool)


(Inconvenient Youths) to (The Low Carbon Diet)


(Climate Debate What’s Old is New Again) to (Climate Change)