You Can Be a RECYCLE HERO too!
Join the City in the Fight to Recycle Right…

  • Rescue your empty, glass bottles and jars from the landfill and place them in your recycle bin. This includes beverage bottles, baby food jars, jam/jelly jars and pasta sauce jars too.
  • Save your cardboard and clean paper from decomposing in the ground. This includes cereal boxes, tissue boxes, paper bags, junk mail, envelopes and other clean paper and boxes.
  • Come to the aid of plastic bottles and jugs and let them be renewed as a clean container. These include laundry soap jugs, plastic beverage, shampoo, milk and other empty types of bottles.
  • Salvage your aluminum and metal soda, pet food and soup cans to protect them from rust and decay.
  • Release your recyclables from the evils of a restrictive plastic bag. Keep them loose and out of bags in your curbside recycling container or recycling dumpster.


By putting ONLY paper, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles and jars, and aluminum and tin cans in your recycling bins – you can take pride in your community and eliminate recycling contamination. Be part of protecting this planet one Recycle Hero at a time! #RecycleHeroSC

Shout out to some of our local Recycle Heroes! 

Beverage Container Recycling for CASH!

Want to redeem your bottles and cans for the California Redemption Value (CRV)? Find a location near you by visiting:



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Waste Management and the City of Santa Clarita are working together to help residents get back to the basics of recycling with Recycle Often. Recycle Right.℠ By recycling properly, you help materials get to their next best use, which in turn saves natural resources and energy. Together we can help protect the environment and do the right thing for our family, friends and community.

To get started, each residential customer is provided with a wheeled cart for recyclable materials. Just follow the guidelines below and then place the cart at the curb on your regularly scheduled service day each week. For more tips on how to recycle, visit

Step 1: Recycle all empty bottles, cans, glass, cardboard and paper

Step 2: Keep food and liquid out of the recycling

Step 3: Keep recyclables loose and return loose plastic bags to participating retailers. Look for collection bins at the front of the store for plastic bags and plastic film.

Recycling Tips:
Make sure containers are empty of food or liquid contents and dry
Labels are okay; no need to peel or rinse
Flatten cardboard and paperboard boxes to make room for more recyclables
Paper includes: copy paper, phone books, magazines, newspaper inserts, and flyers

For a list of what is acceptable in the recycling bin and other helpful recycling tips, click on the Recycling Guide and Acceptable Recyclables flyer below:

Residential Trash and Recycling Guide (PDF) Acceptable Recyclables (PDF)

Become a SUPER SAVER! Recycle-Used-Oil-Web-200x200

The City of Santa Clarita has partnered with Waste Management to offer the “Super Saver” program to reward residents who recycle more and throw away less. Upon request, Waste Management will swap out customers’ standard size trash cart with a 35-gallon Super Saver trash cart. Super Saver customers receive a 20 percent discount on their monthly rate compared to standard residential service. Contact Waste Management customer service at (661) 259-2398 and start Super Saving and Super Recycling today!

green-waste Green Waste Recycling

Green waste service is included at no cost with standard weekly residential trash service from Waste Management. Residents can dispose of their accumulated green waste, such as grass clippings, leaves and tree branches, in their grey green waste cart.

For residents with large yards, additional green waste carts are available upon request at no additional cost. Please contact Waste Management Customer Service at (661) 259-2398 for more information.

Acceptable Green Waste Material – grass clippings, leaves, weeds, shrubbery and tree trimmings

Unacceptable Materials – paper, plastic, metal, soil, rocks, palm fronds, cactus/yucca plants, bamboo, juniper, and tree stumps, food waste, dead animals, animal waste and painted or treated wood.

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Multi-family Property Recycling

Waste Management is pleased to offer a Comingled Recycling Program and a Green Waste Recycling Program specifically designed to meet the needs of your apartment, condominium or mobile home complex as well as comply with state law.

Comingled Recyclables are items such as: plastic bottles and containers, food and beverage cans, paper, flattened cardboard and paperboard, food & beverage cartons and glass containers.

Green Waste consists of: grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, tree branches, weeds, tree trimmings and sawdust.

Tenants – If you live in a multi-family property (apartment, condominium or townhome) that does not currently have recycling service, there is no better time to start! Contact your homeowners’ association (HOA) or property manager to request recycling service.

HOA Representatives/Property Managers – Waste Management can assist you in designing a recycling program to fit your property’s needs at no additional monthly cost. Contact the WM Recycling Manager at (661) 575-5981 or to schedule a site visit today.

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Clothing Recycling

If it’s time to clean out your closets and drawers, please remember the Clothes for Community program. Waste Management, the City of Santa Clarita, and the Salvation Army have partnered to offer this program to provide residents the opportunity to donate their gently used clothing to those in need. This is an easy way to help less fortunate individuals, while diverting thousands of pounds of clothing from landfills.

To drop off clothes, visit the Salvation Army Drop Box, located at the Waste Management Santa Clarita facility at 25772 Springbrook Road, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. Residents can also call Waste Management customer service at (661) 259-2398 to schedule a free pick up.

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Mattress Recycling

Residential customers in Santa Clarita can properly dispose of their unwanted mattresses and box springs at no additional cost. These items, not to exceed two pieces per visit per day, may be dropped off at the Waste Management facility located at 25772 Springbrook Road, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also utilize the free Bulky Item Pick Up program for mattress recycling. Take a look at the bulky item and illegal dumping page for more information.

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Mobile Device Recycling

Used mobile devices, such as cell phones, can be recycled for FREE by dropping them off at the Best Buy store located at:

Bouquet Canyon Plaza
26531 Bouquet Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Used electronics can also be recycled through other trade-in and buy-back programs.  Searches online might help you to find a way to recycle your electronic device and make a little extra money in the process. These programs help the environment by providing a safe way to dispose of unwanted electronic devices and sometimes allow them to be refurbished and used again.

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Plastic Bag Recycling

Plastic bags and plastic film can be taken to many local retailers for recycling. For a list of drop-off locations near you, visit