The California State Legislature approved Assembly Bill 1826 (AB 1826) which sets forth statewide mandatory commercial organic waste recycling. The bill includes requirements that businesses and multi-family residential properties, that generate at least two cubic yards of solid waste per week, must arrange for organic recycling services. Organic waste is food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste and food-soiled paper waste mixed with food waste. The State requirements specify that applicable business generators must participate in at least one of the processes below:

  • Establish a food waste recycling program. See this flyer for details then contact Burrtec for more information or to establish a program.
  • Recycle organic waste on-site, or self-haul organic waste off-site for recycling.
  • Participate in a food recovery or food donation program. 1 in 8 Californians struggle with lack of access to food so this is a great way to reduce waste going to the landfill and help our neighbors at the same time. See this flyer for details and contact one of the local, non-profit organizations listed below to inquire about their ability to accept food donations from your business.

In order for us to gain an understanding of your food waste disposal needs, please complete this questionnaire and email it to Or, if you believe your business may qualify for an exemption, please review and complete the exemption form and email to

Whatever program you decide to incorporate at your business, Burrtec and the City of Santa Clarita will provide support and assistance so that you can be successful in complying with State law and reducing waste that goes to the landfill.

Community Partners for Food Donation:

If you have edible food to donate to the food insecure, please contact any one of the non-profit organizations below. Let’s feed people first!

Bridge to Home
Randi Wyatt
(661) 313-9002
*Current space restraints. Please call first

SCV Food Pantry
(661) 255-5001
*Only cold food and non-perishable food accepted

Help the Children
Diane Davis
(661) 542-7048
*Will take hot or cold prepared foods, with advance notice

Santa Clarita Grocery
(661) 425-7575
*No hot food accepted

SCV Senior Center
Suzanne Nelson
(661) 259-9444 ext. 145
*Only non-perishable food accepted

College of the Canyons – The BaNC
Brenda Clark
(661) 362-3261
*Will take hot or cold prepared foods, with advance notice