Enhanced Watershed Management Plan

The City of Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, and Los Angeles County Flood Control District collaboratively developed an Enhanced Watershed Management Program (EWMP). The EWMP allows collaboration among agencies on multibenefit regional projects to retain both non-stormwater and stormwater runoff, as well as to facilitate flood control and increase water supply. Nearly ninety percent of the watershed is open space with approximately eighty-eight percent being undeveloped land, and contains one of the last remaining natural rivers in Southern California. The Upper Santa Clara River watershed (USCRW) presents unique challenges for maintaining the balance of population growth, conservation of endangered species habitat, floodplain management, water supply, and wildlife corridors that depend on the Santa Clara River and its floodplain. The EWMP has been developed to protect these beneficial uses of the USCRW receiving waters while recognizing these unique characteristics.

Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program

The Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program is a Memorandum of Understanding in collaboration with Los Angeles County which covers a portion of the Upper Santa Clara River in Los Angeles County and the City of Santa Clarita. This area encompasses approximately 121,423 acres. The CIMP, created in 2012 and updated as needed, is the monitoring approaches including but not limited to receiving water (in-river monitoring), stormwater, non-stormwater, and optional special studies. It describes additional background information and details specific analytical and monitoring procedures that will be used, in addition to the constituents and monitoring frequency at each monitoring location.


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