Large Water Volume Discharge

For all discharges greater than 100,000 gallons, notify the City of Santa Clarita at least 72 hours prior to a planned discharge and as soon as possible after an unplanned discharge. City staff must review the planned discharge and clean the discharge pathway of trash and debris.

Contact  (661) 286-4098  in order to provide this notification and to schedule the inspection.

The City’s permit with the state requires information be recorded and maintained for all discharges greater than 100,000 gallons. These records must include the following and be retained for five years:

  • Name of discharger
  • Date and time of notification (for planned discharges)
  • Method of notification
  • Date of discharge
  • Location of discharge and the pathway to the storm drain
  • Receiving water (either the Santa Clara River or Los Angeles River)
  • Time of the beginning and the end of the discharge; including duration
  • Flow rate or velocity
  • Total number of gallons discharged
  • Type of dechlorination equipment and/or chemicals used
  • Concentration of residual chlorine
  • Type(s) of sediment controls used
  • pH of discharge
  • Type(s) of volumetric and velocity controls used
  • Field and laboratory monitoring data